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Museum-Hotel Posada del Bandolero

Diputación de Málaga

Museum-Hotel Posada del Bandolero

This village has recuperated its historic memory and, in this case, the specific historic data about the banditry in the region. An interesting museum, which is today is also open as a hotel, has been opened where a display about one of the infamous and most bloodthirsty bandits that existed is fully exhibited. Known as “El Bizco”, he was a native of El Borge and went on to become one of the most renowned bandits in the province of Malaga. Born on 2 September 1837 he died in Lucena in a fight with the Guardia Civil on 21 May 1889. The experts who have studied this subject consider him to have been one of the most bloodthirsty, perverse and disloyal bandits of all. The village of Alfarnate was the scene of his first known crime, when he took the life of the man whose nickname was “ el Chirrîan”. He had supposedly informed the police about a robbery “EL Bizco” was going to commit. He was married twice, but neither marriage lasted due to the hazardous life he led. .

As well as a collection of historic elements related to the bandits, this museum also has some drawings and paintings that illustrate the kind of life that these bandits led, which have been donated by important painters from the province of Malaga.

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