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Municipal Archaeological Museum

Diputación de Málaga

Municipal Archaeological Museum

The archaeological hall was created by a former priest who was a keen amateur archaeologist, with the help of the children from his catechism class, who brought exhibits collected from the main archaeological sites near the town.

Thanks to their efforts, along with the systematic and scientific work invested therein, this Museum now boasts numerous pieces from the different archaeological sites in the area, which date from the Lower Paleolithic to the Nazarî era, passing through the Middle Paleolithic, Neolithic, Iberian, Roman, Late Roman, Caliphate and Almohade periods, providing an excellent panorama of the area’s rich history.

This collection, along with the setting up of the Association for the Defence of the Historical and Artistic Patrimony of Cuevas de San Marcos, made the creation of this small museum possible.

O f particular note among its exhibits are a number of tombs from the different cultures that came to the area.

To visit the Museum prior appointment is needed at City Hall.

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