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Square and bust of the singer Antonio Molina

Diputación de Málaga

Square and bust of the singer Antonio Molina

Totalán is land of song and music, as well as the hometown of a legendary artist (actor and singer), Don Antonio Molina, who spent much of his childhood and youth here with his family. Old people still remember the young Antonio singing in the streets and in different corners, and visiting his family, when the success already achieved.

The people of Totalán recognized his worth and importance of his origins naming the welcome square of the village, and erecting a bust in 2003 and a ceramic plate in 2006 as a tribute to his illustrious son. This is a beautiful sculpture of Antonio Gallero representing the bust of the artist on a solid granite monolith that is embedded in the ceramic commemorative plate.
The square  it is located at the entrance of the town, welcoming the visitor. Next to it there is a spectacular waterfall cascading over stone surrounded by a beautiful garden of native plants. Also, just behind the waterfall there is a road with wide green spaces, benches and children's facilities.

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