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Torremuelle Watchtower

Diputación de Málaga

Torremuelle Watchtower

This tower is a christian building for surveillance of the coast and sending communication signals. In the first attempts to organize a coastal defense system it was set that guards must be available in a place called "Dock of Benalmadena", without mentioning the existence of a tower.

Some authors have suggested that this dock and should exist in Roman times, although its location on a sheltered cove motivated its endure, fact that was linked to the Muslim population of Benalmadena.

The Dock Tower rises to a height from which it could be seen a good stretch of sea, in a site used since Roman times as pier, been rebuilt in the early sixteenth century. It is shaped like a truncated cone of about eleven feet high with the entry located to seven and a half metres of its base, which could be accessed climbing by scale.

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