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Monument to Marqués de Larios

Diputación de Málaga

Monument to Marqués de Larios

PERIOD 19th century


This monument is dedicated to Manuel Domingo Larios y Larios, second Marquis of Larios.

His major work for the social and urban protection of the city was the street that bears his name, reason for which the Town Hall organised the construction of a monument in his honour, which has stood on the corner of the Alameda with calle Larios since its inauguration in 1899.

Created by Benlliure, this bronze monument is placed on a marble pedestal that contains a series of relief engravings.

The statue represents the Marquis of Larios standing on a grand pedestal, which is flanked by the figure of a man with a pickaxe and a shovel, representing labour, and that of a half-naked women who is offering a child to the Marquis of Larios, this identified as representing the grateful city, as indicated by the plaque attached to the monument.

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Alameda Principal 1. Entrada c/ Larios, Zip Code 29001