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Felipe VI Auditorium

Diputación de Málaga

Felipe VI Auditorium

The Felipe VI Theater-Auditorium, inaugurated in March 2015, has become the largest stage space on the Costa del Sol, and welcomes theatrical performances, concerts, forums, conventions and exhibitions of the highest order.

It has a total area of ​​5,500 m2 built. Its main hall has a capacity for 600 people and a 225m2 stage, with a simultaneous translation system that allows international conferences to be held.

The secondary room with folding stands for 100 people can be used as a rehearsal room, for chamber music or exhibitions.

It also has a semi-covered outdoor plaza that allows it to be used as an outdoor exhibition space, compatible with the building's interior uses.

The quality and spaciousness of its facilities stand out. Natural light enters and is distributed throughout the lobby. The different skylights are arranged so that indirect and overhead light penetrates the entire space, allowing a more balanced and efficient use of artificial light.

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