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Fuente de los Cien Caños (the Fountain of Hundred Pipes), Villanueva de Trabuco (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Fuente de los Cien Caños (the Fountain of Hundred Pipes), Villanueva de Trabuco (Unique Site)

Unique Corners
Fuente de los Cien Caños, Villanueva del Trabuco (Rincón Singular). 360º
Fuente de los Cien Caños, Villanueva del Trabuco (Rincón Singular) 2. 360º


Recommended month to visit it: December.

The exuberant water source that gives life to this work of man attached to the rock, surprises those who visit it like a great show of light and sound.

The Fuente de los Cien Caños [Fountain of a Hundred Pipes] – it has one more in truth – a natural site in Villanueva del Trabuco that is quite renowned. The gigantic fountain channels the water coming from the Sierra de San Jorge and is one of the biggest contributors to the Guadalhorce river in its starting section.

It is found in the Sierra de San Jorge, on the eastern end of the Sierra de Camarolos and is part of the Arco Calizo Central Malagueño [Central Limestone Range of Málaga]. The fountain is a traditional recreational area to the neighbours of Villanueva del Trabuco and the rest of the region.


  • Trail start: 381529 / 4098826
  • Fountain of Hundred Pipes: 386149 / 4098992


More info

The source of the River Guadalhorce, river with the largest flow in the Province of Málaga, is just few kilometres away from the town of Villanueva de Trabuco, at the Mountain Pass of Los Alazores, between the mountains of St George and Gibalto, in the area of Loja and very close to Malaga City, capital of the Costa del Sol.

It is believed that this rich river has its source at the place called Fuente de los Cien Caños (the Fountain of Hundred Spouts), although it really has 101 spouts. This huge fountain attached to the mountain limestone rock is a source of dozens of spurts. This fascinating spring, close to the town, is a unique and enjoyable place.

The Sierra de San Jorge (St George’s Mountains) is the western part of the Sierra de Camarolos (the Mountain Range of Camarolos), which is a part of the limestone mountains that stretch east to west across the Province of Málaga. This area is surrounded by a beautiful and varied landscape formed by olive trees, pines, holm oaks, bushes and scrub.

Between the limestone mountainsides of the St Gorge’s Mountains in Villanueva del Trabuco, there are many ditches, connected by many spouts, which collect water that miraculously creates the source of the Guadalhorce River.

At the bottom of the mountains, the Archidona River’s fertile plain rises on a therein with cereals, olive trees and gardens with farm houses that get water from the Sierra Gorda and the St George’s Mountains. These waters and the stream Gibalto form the River Guadalhorce, which, together with its tributaries, irrigates more than half of this province’s surface. It goes across ten municipalities before flowing into the Mediterranean in the west of Málaga City.

Along its way, the Fountain of Hundred Spouts gets surrounded by spectacular landscapes such as the george - Desfiladero de los Gaitanes or the mouth of the Guadalhorce.

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