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Castle of Turón, Ardales (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Castle of Turón, Ardales (Unique Site)

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Records do not refer to it until the 14th century where they mention it as a base for the Nasrid armies during the defence of the Castle of Teba in 1330. Because of its location, the castle became particularly important in the 15th century as the Castillian border expanded

Recommended month to visit it: June.

Perhaps we should listen to Pliny speak of the city of Turobriga or Turó Briga to understand that this name is the shortened form of Turón, the name of the castle and the river that bathes this landscape. Because of this, we must imagine the fortress as a defensive structure of the Iberian city. In the year 713 its is taken by the Muslims. Later on it will become part of the defensive walls of the fortress of Bobastro built by Omar Ben Hafsun.

The Nasrid of Granada would renovate it to confront the Christians. They suffered a first great attack in 1333 and finally fell in 1433 to the Adelantado de Andalucía [an official in the service of the Crown of Castille].

History aside, the Castillo de Turón was an extraordinary fortification, with two gates and an alcázar [Moorish castle] whose tower keep controlled the entire valley.

  • Trail start: 335240 / 4083273
  • Parking: 332176 / 4081989
  • Castle of Turón: 332505 / 4082062


Additional information

The Castle of Turón is one of the best unknown medieval fortresses of Málaga and is 3 km away from the town of Villa de Ardales. If you go up the River Turón by following the paths on its left side and go over the Roman Bridge La Molina, you will see it rising on the top of a mountain.

It was built in the 13th century as a military building, almost 600 m high, and turned into a crucial historic point during the war over the borders between Castile and Granada.

Its construction was ordered by Muhammed V as a stronghold in his second Nasrid reign and served as a defence shield in the attacks against the Castilian army based in Castillo de la Estrella (Star Castle), in the town of Teba.

During an excursion to Granada that started at the Turón River, Sir James Douglas along with his six knights and twenty squires lost their lives while transporting the heart of the King of Scotland, Robert Bruce. They aimed to start their own crusade against ‘infidels’ with their refulgent armours and in the traditional way.

The castle is historically famous. Such extraordinary fortification had two gates and one fortress (alcázar) with a tower, out of which the whole valley could be watched. Most of the surrounding area was powerfully fortified using a dozen towers and barbicans that defended an almost unassailable chalky buttress. It was a real fort.

The Emirate of Granada had been using the castle in battles until El Adelantado conquered it in the name of Castile in 1433.

Due to this sudden change, many inhabitants abandoned the place, and it went into decline. This is how this land became part of the fortification Peña de Ardales (the Cliff of Ardales) and the Town of Ardales, and the castle started protecting them at the end of the 15th century.

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