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Alquería Tower (Farmstead Tower) and Ortegicar Bridge, Cañete la Real (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Alquería Tower (Farmstead Tower) and Ortegicar Bridge, Cañete la Real (Unique Site)

Unique Corners

This 18.60 metres high Arab tower has a squared plan and forms the part of a walled building complex.  It is a remarkable building placed on a hillock on the left side of the River Guadalteba and on a private land.

This defensive structure from the 13th and 14th century is a good example of old Muslim farmsteads, especially during the period of war between Christians and Nazarites. The tower has the central position. On the outside of the complex, there is an old farm of Ortegícar, which is an exceptional sample of medieval military architecture typical of Málaga.

There are attention-grabbing Roman ashlars on the base of the building, which might come from the close Hispanic and Roman Town of Sábora or from Cortijo del Tajo (the Farmhouse of the Tagus). At the end of the 13th and 14th century, this complex had an important role in the attacks of Castilian army and the troops from Granada, as it had been conquered in turns by both sides.

Together with the Tower Vigía Nazarí de Hurique (Nazarite Hurique’s Watchtower) from the 12th century in Alahurín El Grande, Alquería Tower is the only example of this kind of architecture in the Province of Málaga. This is a genuine historic relic, and an authentic jewel of Cañete la Real.

The farmstead can be accessed over a beautiful Nazarite bridge, which is six metres above the River Guadalteba. This bold construction is made of dry-stone walls combined with mortar and bricks, although we can also see concrete and cement which come from some recent repairs.

A pebbled road goes across the bridge and gives special form to this peculiar natural surrounding. Moreover, it takes us back to the ancient panorama of this area and revives the spirit of resistance of this border spot that was crucial in many strategic battles over the territory.

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