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Hermitage of Our Lady of Gracia

Diputación de Málaga

Hermitage of Our Lady of Gracia

This spot was occupied by the former mosque that was consecrated as a church following the reconquest and whose interior is home to significant remains of the Muslim temple, such as the columns and layout of space itself.

The earliest references to the mosque date it in the IX century, and it enjoys the distinction of being the only surviving mosque in the province of Málaga. It was rebuilt and enlarged for use as a Christian church in the XVII century. A further extension was added between 1771 and 1774.

It is dedicated to the Virgen de Gracia, patron saint of Archidona, whose Italo-Gothic-style image dates back to the late XV century. Inside, it houses a number of canvases and altarpieces as well as a XV-century baptismal font.

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