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Interpretation Centre of Culture Mozarabic

Diputación de Málaga

Interpretation Centre of Culture Mozarabic

The Center is physically located within the upper rooms of the building of the Hermitage of Our Lady of Grace, located within the Arab medieval walls of Archidona, on top of Cerro de Gracia. Specifically, it is located in the new building which was built between 1771 and 1774. This building was remodeled by local builders Francisco Astorga and Francisco Berrocal which redesigned the courtyard above the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace. The result was an arcaded courtyard with three sides and equipped with an upper floor above them, now compartmentalized into various units..

The Interpretation Center exhibition unfolds a linear pathway articulated around the axis of a corridor from which the visitor will access the side rooms. The access to the Center is from the courtyard of the shrine itself through a door that leads to the small hall from which a staircase and an elevator leads to the Mirador room. In between this floor, another ladder provides another way to communicate with the outside (courtyard of the Sanctuary).

With respect to the museum, it is divided in four thematic areas: the Andalusian Archidona, the question Mozarabic, the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, and the Sierra and Hoya (wide valley) of Archidona. This information will be show through clear text panels illustrated with images and terminology accessible to a lay audience.

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