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The Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga

Diputación de Málaga

The Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga

This museum project was designed as a reflection of what the city is, and what it has been throughout its history. The collection begins with the the creation of the first Town Hall in 1487, and leads up to the present day. This reality brings out the best of the over 4000 pieces that make up the Town Hall collection. Its clear objective is to link the museum and the city. Therefore, on top of the great effort put into the selection and display of the pieces of the collection, great emphasis has been lain on the discovery and pedagogical aspects of the museum.

Cultural Areas > Museums
Paseo de Reding nº 1, Zip Code 29016
952 22 51 06
Schedule - Invierno de 10.00 h. a 20.00 h. Verano de 11.00 h. a 21.00 h.