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Juan Breva’s Flamenco Museum.

Diputación de Málaga

Juan Breva’s Flamenco Museum.

The Peña Juan Breva society, whose motto is "keep learning, protect purity, promote education", was founded in 1958 by Malaga’s municipal registrar, Francisco Bejarano Robles, as a place where traditional Malaga song could be studied, preserved and popularised.

With these aims in mind, the society began to acquire old recordings in order to facilitate the study of Malaga song, subsequently extending its collection to include a series of other objects, some donated, some purchased by the society itself, pertaining to the generic term “Cante” (popular song). This material helped to create a varied collection which led to the opening of the museum in 1974. The society publishes a magazine, "Bandalá", which occasionally carries news of events related to the museum.

The museum is located in premises belonging to the Peña Juan Breva society, alongside the bar and members’ meeting rooms. Entered via the hallway, it occupies several rooms on the dark, damp ground floor.

The Peña Juan Breva, the cathedral of popular Malaga song, is located in a typical XIX-century house at number 2 Callejón del Picador, a narrow thoroughfare that bears testimony to the original Islamic design of the city centre which leads to Calle Beatas, parallel to the old city walls.

The collection consists of exhibits related in some shape or form to popular song. The main section is the song archive, which contains recordings from a number of different periods, the oldest dating back to 1907, by some of the greatest exponents of the art of popular song, covering a number of different formats (slate, vinyl, microgroove, CD). The enthusiast can find and, if so desired, convert to modern formats recordings by Cayetano Muriel "Niño de Cabra", Paca Aguilcra. Antonio Pozo "El Mochuelo", the full discography of both Juan Breva (7 records) and Antonio Chacón and many of the recordings of Sebastián “El Pena”, “Niña de los Peines”, Manuel Torres and “El Cojo de Málaga”, to name but a few.

162. Located next to the Plaza de la Merced in a restored building that was

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