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Punta Doncella lighthouse

Diputación de Málaga

Punta Doncella lighthouse

The Punta Doncella Lighthouse (S. XX), together with the Punta Almina Lighthouse in Ceuta, emit the two light signals that help boats to get into the Strait of Gibraltar. The first lighthouse that was located in Punta Doncella was projected in 1861. It was a circular tower designed by the engineer Antonio Molina, with a height of 8.5 meters, which together with the natural height of the terrain, placed it at 18 meters above sea level. To make it more visible, in 1922 the old tower was replaced by the current one, 20 meters high and 31 meters above sea level, with an octagonal carved stone plan. The facilities that house assistive devices were also expanded, as well as the house that successive towers or lighthouse keepers have occupied over the years.

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