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Paleochristian Basilica Vega del Mar

Diputación de Málaga

Paleochristian Basilica Vega del Mar

Located in San Pedro Alcántara, it consists of a double-apse basilica and a necropolis, covering the time span between the 3rd and 7th centuries CE. It is considered to be among the most ancient archaeological manifestations of early Christianity.

This important archaeological site was discovered in 1915 on the Linda Bista Baja residential estate, very close to the beach. Excavated in 1930, it is one of the most important remains of the Paleochristian Period (4th century) ever found in Spain.

A series of archaeological digs uncovered the floor of the basilica surrounded by a necropolis containing over 180 graves of varying types.

The basilica was of rectangular ground plan and consisted of three naves separated by stone pillars and 60-centimetre-thick walls, built using with polished pebbles and limestone mortar. The sanctuaries of the central naves contained two semi-circular apses, while the north-western section features two sacristy-type rooms, known as the prosthesis and the diaconicon, and the right-hand side was turned into a baptistry with the installation of a cross-shaped baptismal pool.

The area has produced a wealth of archaeological relics, including earthenware pots, jewels, coins and epigraphic plaques, primarily from funeral furnishings which now reside in the national and provincial archaeological museums and at Marbella town Hall.

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