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Hermitage of Our Lady of los Remedios

Diputación de Málaga

Hermitage of Our Lady of los Remedios

Popularly known as Iglesia de Santa Ana, it stands in the Santana district, one of the most typical in Mijas, which, thanks to the fact that it has remained virtually unchanged over the years, exemplifies the typical Andalusian white town.

Built in Baroque style in the 18th century, the church was recently renovated to rectify deterioration to the roof, the inevitable result of the passage of time.

It comprises a single nave with a small, raised choir at the entrance. The small, square presbytery features an arris vault which is highlighted by beaded mouldings and exuberant acanthuses, while the walls are adorned by metal medallions with floral decorative elements.

Outside, the simple main entrance consists of a Roman arch flanked by pilasters, while the main faèade is crowned by a large, rectangular attic upon which the bell gable stands.

According to a document found in the cathedral archives dated the 20th of September 1655, a request was made for the monk who occupied the hermitage, Ignacio Muñóz y Torresillas, to be replaced by another in view of the fact that, according to said document, he was suffering from "San Lázaro’s affliction (leprosy) and as a result, none of the clergy or other inhabitants of the town are prepared to worship at the hermitage, so it is therefore requested that his status be revoked and that he be replaced in his position by another clergyman approved by the aforementioned individuals".

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