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Arab Tower.

Diputación de Málaga

Arab Tower.

Dating back to the XII century, this is one of the many square towers that once formed part of the city walls and provided defence for the fortress from both the Castillo Alto de Torrox and the citadel. Its location suggests that it must have been used to communicate with the different towers of the "Castillo Bajo", alongside Torrox lighthouse.

Subsequently engulfed by later constructions and having been converted for use as living quarters, it was acquired by Torrox local council in 1981, though its rehabilitation did not take place until August 1997, when a National Work Camp, in conjunction with the council itself, proceeded to renovate it.

It consists of two floors which are barrel-vaulted with brick and masonry arches laid out in identical fashion on each level. The roof is surrounded by battlements, with a loophole on the strategically-important south side. The exterior of the building is notable for the complete absence of opening, a typical feature of Muslim architecture and in particular of defence structures.

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