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The Balcony of Europe (old Low Castle of Nerja)

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The Balcony of Europe (old Low Castle of Nerja)

The Balcony of Europe, a former ninth-century fortress, is situated on the cliff that separates the beaches of Salón and Calahonda, where it was placed to so-called Low Castle of Nerja, built in the early sixteenth century. This castle was remodeled in the eighteenth century to provide it with a battery of canons.
During the War of Independence it was completely destroyed by the British along with La Torrecilla.
Tradition has it that it was king Alfonso 12th who named this incredible place that literally clings to the rocky outcrop over the sea. His visit was in 1884 and he had come to the area to see the devastating effects the earthquake had had on the locality. There are two ancient canons and a stack of canon balls on the balcony. These canons used to defend the fortress that stood on this spot and which was destroyed in 1812. Because of their strategic position they were able to control all the beach accesses to Nerja on both sides. There is a staircase that passes under an arched gateway takes visitors down to a small, protected bay known locally as El Boquete de Calahonda. Other beaches which are well worth a visit are; Burriana, Calahonda, Playazo or Torrecilla. Recently, a memorial statue of the King has been erected in bronze by sculptor Francisco Martin. In the gardens, there is a monument that reminds us of the discovery of the Cave of Nerja (which are currently the 3rd most visited monument in the whole of Spain).
The urban design of the Paseo (Maritime Walking) has changed several times throughout the last two centuries.

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