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Monastery of Santa Eufemía

Diputación de Málaga

Monastery of Santa Eufemía

The present-day church, built between 1739 and 1763 and probably designed by the master architect Cristóbal Garcîa, is notable for its clever use of volumes and roofs. Of octagonal ground plan, its extreme height is hidden behind the lower adjacent volumes containing the main chapel, the sacristy and the tombs of the Uribe family.

Despite its simplicity, it does feature a number of Nazarî elements, including the bell gable and the raised dressing room of the image after which it is named. Its appearance and projection have an air of Neoclassicism.

The main chapel, crowned with a small dome with Rococo plasterwork, is dominated by an image of Santa Eufemia made in the workshop of Andrês de Carvajal, possibly by the artist himself. To one side, a small altarpiece houses a diminutive but charming image of San Josê dating back to the late 18th century.

Other altarpieces of interest include those of the Virgen de los Dolores, a Rococo structure dating back to 1771, and San Josê, which is the finest in the church.

The highlight of the paintings on display here is a portrait of Santa Teresa attributed to Mohedano.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jesús Romero Benîtez, Guîa Artîstica de Antequera

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