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Saint Peter’s Parish church

Diputación de Málaga

Saint Peter’s Parish church

This temple was started in 1574 and, due to a lack of funding and the enormity of the work; it was not finally finished until 1731.

It belongs to the architectural school known as the Rennaisance Movement of Antequera, although it has a a ribbed vault from the Gothic period.

The hall is really impressive for its height. The naves have six different levels and are quite lower in the first two on the sides than the central ones. The vaults are supported by enormous columns with plain shafts. The ribbed vault is decorated with Baroque style plasterwork, which was due to an incomplete remodelling project.

The alterpiece in the Mian chapel, which is made of polichromed plasterwork is from the 18th century and has thirteen pictures of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The dome from Santa Marîa la Mayor is true to Mannerist style, and is over the aforementioned altarpiece. It may be the work of Mohedano and is inspired by what Siloê did for the Cathedral in Granada.

Amongst the works of art that are set out inside the church, most of which are Baroque, the most outstanding are the painting of Virgen del Silencio in the Gospel nave, the image of the Virgen del Consuelo and the chapel that houses it, a magnificant Rococo located in the vaulted niche/chapel in the central aisle, a Niño Jesús from the end of the 18th century and a painting of Cristo Difunto surrounded by angels true to the Seville school.

From an architectural point of view, the Animas chapel is very interesting with its palsterwork decorations, which are the work of Josê Ignacio de Ortega from 1727.

In the Gospel nave the sculpture of Cristo de las Penas, Crucificado from the 17th century, which is wonderful for its detailed body marks and his almost vertical arms.

Finally, the sacristy is also well worth a visit. It is rectangular in shape, covered with a half-barrel vault and divided up inside into three aisles by series of arches.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jesús Romero Benîtez, Guîa Artîstica de Antequera

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