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Monument to the Malagueña

Diputación de Málaga

Monument to the Malagueña

Alora City Council and the County Council of Malaga have erected this monument in order to give value to the flamenco music and, especially, this specific “palo” (composition) essentially from Malaga. The “Malagueña” was born in Alora and is therefore known as the cradle of “Malagueña".

The work is an idealization allegory of the flamenco, reflected in a fountain adorned with other artistic accessories. Bronze, iron and stone were used in it. The base of the fountain is a pylon of boulders from the Guadalhorce river, through which water flows, symbolizing the birth and character that Alora spring in this “palo” of flamenco. From this pool rises a stone monolith, which adhere to other stones that are named after great singers of Malagueña, such as El Canario, El Perote, Angel of Alora, Pena Father, Pena son, Chacon, The Peñaranda, The Twin, the Trini and Juan Breva, which symbolize the pillars of this sing. The monolith is crowned with a bronze sculpture made by a guitar clutching a shawl, from which drops a waterfall spilling over the rocks. Surrounding the fountain, this artistic set is completed with a railing as a pentagram with musical notes of the Malagueña. Four large ornamental lampposts and a beam of light illuminates and colorful monument. To highlight its importance, the monument is located at the entrance of Alora, opposite the Teatro Cervantes, and with wonderful views of the Guadalhorce Valley. Next to the monument, an ancient olive tree testifies both honor and privilege.

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