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Interpretation Centre of Artisan Life (CIVA)

Diputación de Málaga

Interpretation Centre of Artisan Life (CIVA)

For centuries, the craft constituted the most important industrie for the region Sierra Norte of Malaga. Hundreds of people were engaged in the different trades by working practically done manually and with quality materials. Nowadays, this activity has been reduced to a small group of entrepreneurs who keep work the ancient techniques, but who have adapted to the times, and work with designs that meet the demands of new customers.

The craft, and all the tasks related to the ancestral rural, is the basis of this Interpretation Center that aims to be as dynamic and interactive as possible, so that not only report on the techniques used and the work to be performed, but allowing visitors to participate in the work. In many cases these works are virtually unknown, while part of tourism promotion is done in any area, because the craft is the basis of any tourist souvenirs. Hence, it is intended to value this activity, along with other agricultural and livestock activities that take place in rural areas.

The Center is located at the entrance of the town of Villanueva del Rosario, in a quiet area surrounded by trees and by the river Guadalhorce.

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