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Charco Esteban. Río Genal. Jubrique

Diputación de Málaga

Charco Esteban. Río Genal. Jubrique

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Genal
  • Municipality: Jubrique
  • Coordinates: x: 299558 / y: 4050553 / z: 253 m
  • Location: difficult
  • Access: convenient
  • Swimming Potential: low.


How to get there

There are two ways to get there. The first is to follow the directions of the SL-A 195, starting in Jubrique, for a little over 6 km one way. The easiest way is from the San Juan Bridge, on the MA-8305 road between Algatocín and Jubrique, by following the Benarrabá-Benalauría section of the Gran Senda de la Serranía de Ronda (GR-141). After the Arabí crossing, leave the signposted trail and walk along the track until you reach the Almenta mill. Charco Esteban is only a few metres away. The distance from the Venta San Juan restaurant is 3.5 km.


Interesting Facts

This pool has two different names: Esteban, as it is known in Jubrique, and La Fuentecilla, as it is called in Benalauría due to a trickle of fresh water that runs all year round on the banks. One of the shortcuts connecting these two villages also passes through here. The pool is instantly recognisable because of a block of stone in the middle of the riverbed and because of the old irrigation stream that runs along the cliff opposite. In the area surrounding the pool, a plant called redoul (Coriaria myrtifolia) proliferates. This is a good place to spot the populations of Málaga chub (Squalius malacitanus) in the Genal.


Please Note

The best thing about this place is the sheer beauty of the surroundings and the small sandy beach by the pool. The pool is not as large as it used to be because a dam is no longer built. The accumulation of silt during periods of heavy rain is manifest and prevents it from being too deep for an adult to stand in the water. Hence, the pool is simply not deep enough to jump from the rocks. Remember to add the return distance to your roundtrip.

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