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Canoeing on the Genil River Northern Mountains in Málaga

Diputación de Málaga

Canoeing on the Genil River Northern Mountains in Málaga

The Genil River has ecological flow all year round, so water sports can be done here even in summer. In winter, rain impacts on the water level, while in summer the water comes from draining of reservoirs in Iznájar, which is done to provide irrigation of the Guadalquivir Valley. This process is possible thanks to the water level in the reservoir, which is filled with water that comes from the Sierra Nevada when the snow melts even in May or June.

This route connects the towns of Cuevas de San Marcos and Cuevas Bajas, and goes through beautiful and one of the best conserved forests in Andalusia.


It is placed in Cuevas de San Marcos, more precisely, in the surrounding area of this vilage called Puente de la Barca. It can be accessed by the path that leads to the cemetery, and goes past it to the riverbank of the Genil.

Although there are active tourism companies which supply with this tour, the jetty can be used by everyone who wants to go canoeing here.


The water wheel Noria de la Aceña is the place where you can rest. It is at the middle of the river route which separates the towns of Cuevas de San Marcos and Cuevas Bajas. For those who are not good at this sport, there is a possibility to have a quiet 90-minutes ride, and stop in the surroundings of Luis de Armiñán Bridge in Cuevas de San Marcos, 4850 m from the jetty.

Moreover, the wheel of Agusadera is another interesting spot.


You can get out of the paddling boat close to the sewage purifier station in Cuevas Bajas. This stop is connected to the town by the access way which is signposted at the ring road.


• Distance to the middle of the trail, Luis de Armiñán Bridge: 4,850 m
• Distance to the middle of the trail, the wheel in Aceña: 7,850 m
• Total distance from Cuevas de San Marcos - Cuevas Bajas: 14,050 m

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