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Carabeíllo Chico

Diputación de Málaga

Carabeíllo Chico

Carabeillo Chico beach is located between the popular Carabeo and Burriana beaches, at the eastern end of the Malaga municipality of Nerja.

With access not suitable for everyone unless you walk around from Burriana beach. Its relatively difficult access means that is less crowded, and is a quiet beach even during the high season.

There is no catering service on this beach so to get a snack or appetizer it is necessary to return to Burriana beach.

It is a tiny cove surrounded by large boulders that create small intimate areas, and lush vegetation that give it a tropical touch. A short distance away is the famous “Balcón de Europa” or Balcony of Europe, from which there is a comprehensive view of the Nerja horizon.



  • Public showers



From the centre of Nerja, head north towards Av. De Pescia / N-340, then exit the roundabout on to Filipinas street. Walk across Burriana beach.

From downtown Malaga, take the Alameda de Capuchinos, Camino del Colmenar, Av. de los Pascueros and Av. Guerrero Strachan to the A-7. Continue up to exit 292 and along Av. De Pescia / N-340 to Filipinas street. Walk across Burriana beach.

  • Reachable by bus
  • Access to the Footbridge
  • Beach Restaurants
  • Showers
  • Hammocks
  • Kiosks at Spas
  • Beach Cleaning
  • Bins
  • Local Police
Blue Flag - No
Length 70
Width 10
Occupation - Alto
Urbanization - Urbana
Under Surveillance - Yes