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Green-striped White. Euchloe belemia (Esper, 1800)

Diputación de Málaga

Green-striped White. Euchloe belemia (Esper, 1800)

Wingspan: From 3.4 to 4.4 cm.

Routes where it can be observed


Open wings: They are white with black forewings apex and white spots. There is also a long black spot with a white inner part in the centre of the wings.

Closed wings: the hindwings have white and black scales, so they seem green. There are also white long spots.

Similar species

Orange-tip: When they close their wings, the white spots are not long and the shape of the spots is rather irregular. When their wings are open, female butterflies do not have white spots on the inner part of the forewings apex and the black spot in the centre is round. Portuguese Dappled White: It is more rounded. With closed wings, seems more yellowish, and when the wings are open, there is no white colour in the centre of the spot which is in the middle. 

Western Dappled White: When the wings are closed, there are oval white spots on them. When they are open, we can see a spot but it has no white line on it.

Bath White: When its wings are open it has angular white spots. When it rests with closed wings, the spot on the forewings centre is larger and more rounded, and there are some black spots on the hindwings.

Biology and Habitat

Two generations fly from winter to summer at the same time. These butterflies can mainly be seen in rural areas, such as uncultivated land, fallow field, borders of gardens, orchards and fields, olive groves and abandoned almond tree woods, grassland, and even road ditches. This species caterpillars feed on cruciferous plants such as Diplotaxis virgata, Eruca vesicaria and Biscutella spp.

Distribution in the Great Path

It can be found all over the path, but in the case of mountain and urban areas, and those with developed farming, it is rarer and can be found at limited number of places.