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Natural Viewpoint of Cañada del Lobo, Torremolinos (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Natural Viewpoint of Cañada del Lobo, Torremolinos (Unique Site)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: September.

There are beaches that invite us to look towards the interior as much as to the sea, because there is much beauty to discover on that side too. This happens with the beaches of Torremolinos, that have to share the attention received with the mountains of Torremolinos, a massif of limestone that we divide in three parts. These are, from West to East: Cerros del Viento, Sierra llana and Sierra del Cañuelo. It is in these mountains where we have to look for the Cañada del Lobo: shelter, hostel and magnificent overlook from where we can watch over the coast, the mountain ranges, the Hoya de Málaga and, far away, Sierra Nevada.

Cañada del Lobo' (The Wolf's Glen) Viewpoint is named after a sculpture of a wolf which can be seen at this beautiful spot. The cattle track is well signposted, as well as this spot. The fantastic view takes in the surrounding area, including the Sierra Nevada. In spite of visible quarries, the landscape is truly enchanting.



  • Parking: 362053 / 4052923
  • Trail start: 362123 / 4052956
  • Viewpoint of La Cañada del Lobo: 361713 / 4054748