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Summit of Sierra Aguas, Carratraca (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Summit of Sierra Aguas, Carratraca (Unique Site)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: October.

The Sierra del Agua wind-farm is located halfway between Álora and Casarabonela, on some elevations near Carratraca, to which one can access through a well preserved dirt trail. There you will see the wind generators, spreading out their blades in perfect arrangement, one after the other, right on the top, indicating the division between the two slopes. Their function is to generate power, but they also kick-start our emotions.

Casarabonela, the ancient Quasr Bunayra, with its narrow and steep streets, its white facades staring at the valley and the sea, is surrounded by gardens and orchards in terraces that escalate from the bottom up to he proper foot of the mountain range in search of the different springs. Another show one should not miss.


  • Trail start: 340053 / 4078902
  • Summit of Sierra Aguas: 341725 / 4080175