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Network Viewpoints in Serrania de Ronda

Diputación de Málaga

Network Viewpoints in Serrania de Ronda

The network of viewpoints built in the Serranîa de Ronda is an original initiative which allows visitors to see emblematic places from the region. Otherwise it would be difficult to observe them in any other way. For that purpose, some of the best geographic spots in the region have been chosen to enhance the viewpoints, which are traditionally considered as high places from where you can appreciate stunning panoramic views.

These viewpoints have been dotted not only with traditional explanatory panels of the landscape with the main spots (mountain peaks, rivers, towns…) but also with a second-type panel where you can learn more about events or representative places of regional interest such as:
- Nasrid Borders
- Alpine ibex
- Peninsular War
- Migratory birds
- Griffon Vulture
- Karst landscape
- Chestnut grove
- Spanish fir tree
- Cork
- Romantic travellers.

Most of the viewpoints are easily accessible by car except the viewpoint overlooking the Karst, where a short distance needs to be walked and the viewpoint of the Viajeros Románticos (Romantic Travellers), which is situated just under the bridge El Tajo.

Apart from the regional network of viewpoints, there are other spots with stunning views where you could enjoy enchanting landscapes of the Serranîa.

The scenic road which links Ronda and Algeciras boasts a wide range of viewpoints and the one called Mirador del Genal in the village of Algatocîn is a must-stop.


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- Please, respect the signs.
- Take all litter home and respect nature.
- In summertime, there is a high risk of fire.
- Do not set any fire.