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Eurasian reed-warbler

Diputación de Málaga

Eurasian reed-warbler

Small bird (approx 13 cm or 5 in) with uniform brown plumage. Ocher tones, darker on the back and paler on the belly. Head with plain plumage (without stripes), fine bill and beige legs.

Where it lives

It inhabits areas with marsh and riverside vegetation. Preferably in beds of reeds, rushes and bulrushes of flooded or near water areas.

How it lives

Species present in the province practically all year round, both as wintering and summer, and also in migratory passage. The wintering of this species in Malaga is regular during the last years. It builds a nest hung between several stems of green reed. One laying of 2 to 7 eggs at the end of May. The Eurasian Reed-Warbler is monogamous and very territorial. It feeds on insects and other invertebrates.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Common and frequent bird in all the zones of the Coastal Path that meet its habitat requirements. Present in most coastal river mouths and in wetlands with borders of reed and rushes, such as in Cancelada (Estepona).

Curious facts

Reed warblers are "invisible" birds that move through the depths of grasslands and reeds. Difficult to see and much easier to hear. They can only be seen when they climb to the top of the reed for singing. Their Latin name means elongated or pointed head bird that lives in the reeds.

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Common name
Eurasian reed-warbler
Scientific name
Acrocephalus scirpaceus
Wintering Summer Resident Migration