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Sima del Diablo. Canoying. Serranía de Ronda.

Diputación de Málaga

Sima del Diablo. Canoying. Serranía de Ronda.

It is one of the most popular canyons in the Serranía de Ronda as it keeps the water level more or less constant along the whole year. It is ideal for amateurs due to the water level as well as great range of slides, abseils, jumps and lowers. A long wetsuit is not required in hot season.

Main Data

Municipality: Júzcar.
Nearest town: Júzcar.
Coordinates (UTM): X: 305775, y Y:4054523.
Estimated time: From 2-3 hours including the last stretch along the river Río Genal.
Number of abseils: 3.
Longest abseil: 10 metres.
Itinerary: Approx. 1,500 metres.
Transport link: A transport link is necessary otherwise you will need to walk uphill for 30 minutes.
Recommended season: All seasons except when water level rises after a downpour.
Regulations: Any regulations applied.


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