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Recreational Area of La Fuentesanta, El Burgo (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Recreational Area of La Fuentesanta, El Burgo (Unique Site)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: June.

In the heart of the Biosphere Reserve, in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, we find a good example of the harmonious relationship between man and his environment. We are in the Recreational Area of La Fuensanta, where an ancient flour mill bears witness to this vital symbiosis. Behind this beautiful place, populated by tall poplars and abundant riverside forests, we find the spring that used to move the millstones. This does not happen anymore, as the mill is now a shelter, presiding over a wide recreational area.

From here we may start a route to many points of interest: Los Sauces, el Convento de las Nieves, el Puerto de la Mujer... places where nature demonstrates all its splendour.


  • Trail start: 326075 /  4073143
  • Recreational Area of La Fuentesanta:  324941 / 4071515


More info

The Leisure Area in La Fuentesanta is part of the Natural Park the Sierra de las Nieves and represents one of the most symbolic places of the Province of Málaga due to its beauty and variety.

Its location is especially attractive for tourists because of many reasons. For instance, there is the Cortijo de La Fuensanta (the Farmhouse of La Fuensanta) named after an old flour mill from the 18th century that can be found here.

The mill used water from a stream behind the building. The abundance of water ensures rich vegetation on the river bank with poplar grove. As a result, the place offers delightful countryside, together with cultural and historical values, and creates perfect atmosphere for rest, leisure and recreation along numerous trails in the Sierra de las Nieves.

You can start your journey in the Town of El Burgo, rich in history that began with Celts who created the town. Further on, there were Carthaginian towers and the period of its strategic importance during Romans due to its position between Acinipo and Málaga.
Moreover, this land was important during the Arabs conquest of the town as evidenced by the ruins of the King Don Pedro’s castle. As result of this rich heritage, tourists can visit the Church of the Incarnation (La Encarnación) from the 15th century, and the Convent of Our Lady of the Snows (Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves) from the 16th century.

The stroll from el Burgo to the Leisure Area is very pleasant due to the landscape filled with dense pine wood and gorgeous century-old olive groves.

That is the beginning of a lovely excursion with the first hotspot at the Leisure Area of La Fuentesanta. Hikers and cyclists should start their adventure in the countryside at the farmhouse or la Fuentesanta stream.

A beautiful four kilometres long route goes through the Puerto de Los Lobos (Mountain Pass of the Wolves) towards El Burgo, and embraces exceptional environment in this unique land full of peculiar and distinguishing corners.

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