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White Ravine (Barranco Blanco), Coín (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

White Ravine (Barranco Blanco), Coín (Unique Site)

Unique Corners
Barranco Blanco, Coín (Rincón Singular). 360º
Barranco Blanco, Coín (Rincón Singular). 360º
Barranco Blanco, Coín (Rincón Singular).1 360º


Recommended month to visit it: July.

If there is a place with crystal water, white stones and lush vegetation it is this: the Barranco Blanco, where the Alaminos river is home to otters and barbels, willows and woodbines.

We should approach silently so we do no disturb the balance. This river flows all year round and is the main tributary of the Fuengirola river. We are at a Site of Community Importance (SCI), a natural paradise between Alhaurín El Grande and Coín. The water timidly starts its course underground and emerges when it comes into contact with the perodotites, that strange igneous rock; it is the upwelling of La Fuente [the Spring].

Later onwards it offers us some bathing areas which we must make use of with precaution. The contrast between the white limestone and the thousand types of green of the vegetation add charm to the place, habitat of diverse protected species.


  • Summer parking:   345296 / 4053991
  • Winter parking:  344427 / 4052823
  • End of trail Barranco Blanco:   344024 / 4053169


More info

The stroll to Barranco Blanco from Alhaurían el Grande o Coín can be an impressive and relaxing moment, which plenty of visitors end with an enjoyable swim in its pools.

Plant and animal life

It is proclaimed the Site of Community Importance (SCI) by the EU because of a kind of red mullet in danger of extinction and sea otters that live in its streams. These are particularly interesting species that can only be found in pure waters. The water flow of this tributary of the Fuengirola River is permanent thanks to the water source it has in the Mountains of Mijas.

The river as well flows in the underground through limestone mountains, and reaches the surface when it gets in touch with peridot rocks, a very peculiar kind of magma rocks, which are quite common in the Province of Málaga. Due to its impermeability, they make the water get to the surface, enriching the plant life in the zone called the Fountain (La Fuente).

Barranco Blanco is named after its white limestone rocks, which are contrasts to the surrounding vegetation (carob tree, willows, junipers, pines, wild vineyards, and plenty of honeysuckles, climbing plants that are to be avoided because they might harm you).

Although nobody expects it and it is quite surprising, there is one of the most extraordinary beauty spots in the affluent nature of the Province of Málaga. Deep pools and cold waters, invite you to have a swim and relax, contemplating the environment.

The pools are crystal-clear due to the clean water flow of its river, which is short but intense. The pure river that goes along rocky and slippery terrain appeals to tourists that look for a rustic, sheer, but peculiar scenery.

The trail is slightly difficult but rewarding, and the surrounding quite welcoming. This part of Coín, in the direction of Alhaurín el Grande, is an absolutely unique piece of land: in the middle of forests and the mountains of Sierra de las Nieves and with the River Alaminos flowing through its fertile land.

This stream, part of the river Fuengirola, characterized by a torrent and high waterfalls, honours the nature and its own name Barranco Blanco, a place that is worth visiting, enjoying and contemplating, and that should be protected. Start your quest, and soak yourself in the depths of the ravine perfumed with the smell of citrus fruit, so typical for this paradisaical land.

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