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Waterfall of the Turón River, El Burgo (Unique Site)

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Waterfall of the Turón River, El Burgo (Unique Site)

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Recommended month to visit it: June.

In the Olympus of the rivers, the Turón, son of the Guadalhorce, would be one of the Vestals. Clean and crystal clear as few, it seems it were the sentry of these mountain ranges: with its left eye on El Burgo and Ortegícar, and la Priesta, Cabrilla and Alcaparaín on its right. It is aware that the space it holds is protected and it accomplishes with honour its mission of delivering its waters, from its source at la Fuensanta to the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir.

But in every life there is a moment for recreation, and the Turón in the setting of the Blanquillo stream, near de crossroads of Ardales and Casarabonela, is rejuvenated and jumps with energy and joy. It is there where we can find the waterfall of the Turon river, which obviously varies in intensity depending on the season of the year and how much it has been raining.


  • Parking: 330329 / 4076005
  • Waterfall of the Turón River:  330230 / 4076141


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The Province of Málaga has all in one: sun, water, nature, peculiar terrain, mountains, sea or rivers.

The Town of El Burgo is 25 kilometres away from Ronda, 49 from Marbella and 71 from Málaga City. The River Turón, a tributary of the Guadalhorce, at its source at the place called la Fuentesanta and the Sierra de las Nieves, is named the River of El Burgo. Along some 40 kilometres, it flows between the Mountains of El Burgo and Orrtegícar on the left side, and the mountain ranges Prieta, Cabrilla and Alcaparaín on the right side. Afterwards, it flows into Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir, close to the neighbour Town of Ardales.

Near the crossroads between Ardales and Casarabonela, at the beauty spot of the Stream Blanquillo, you can find the waterfall of the Turón, whose flow changes depending on the season and rain heaviness.

The most prominent species of this pure river are carps, barbels, ducks, herons, native crabs and even otters.

The most important tributaries of the Turón are the streams La Fuentesanta, Sopalmito, Requena, Botera, Corralero, Mediocampo, los Membrillos, the Stream of Acebuche, of La Cañada, El Bujerrillo, of the Ravine El Macho, Creek of Los Hircajos, the Stream of Los Lobos, Blanquilla, Cantarrana or of La Doncella.

The Viewpoint of the Forest Guard (Mirador del Guarda Forestal), Natural Monument and Viewpoint at The Turón Riverbed, is 900 metres above sea level and represents an exceptional terrain at northern border of the Nature Park of the Sierra de las Nieves, where it makes a hillock, creating an extraordinary picture in the countryside. From this hillock, the rich source of the River Turón can be seen, and its leafy slopes, which offer varied landscape covered in forests of Spanish fir, evergreen and maritime pine woods, oak forest, and juniper and turpentine tree woods.

Over the rough and chalky land, waters of the Turón shelter animal life formed by carps, barbels, ducks, herons, native crabs and otters. In the past, the mountains in Grazalema and Ronda were shelters of bandits who were outlaws, like the famous Pasos Largos born in El Burgo.

On the top of the mountain, there is a statue that was placed there in 1977 on the centenary of the creation of the Forest Guard. From the viewpoint you can contemplate other features of the white hilly Town of El Burgo, such as Lifa Valley of the Tagus, snowy tops of the Pilones and the Cabrillas Mountains, the ruins of the Monastery Virgen de las Nieves or the waterfall and mill of La Fuensanta.

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