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Mountain Bike Trail (MB) in this Area 7th Stage: Archidona - Villanueva del Rosario

Diputación de Málaga

Mountain Bike Trail (MB) in this Area 7th Stage: Archidona - Villanueva del Rosario

The terrain that separates Archidona de Villanueva del Rosario has some rather peculiar geomorphology and flowers. Karst processes related to gypsum outcrop, have created caves, springs, and many sinkholes or dolines covered in vegetation made of oak forests on the mountain sides and cereal crops and olive grove on flat land. Moreover, while going through the Marín Stream ravine (Hoz del Arroyo Marín) you will be able to admire a ravine in the shape of half moon with with the only native holm oak forest in the province of Málaga.


Main Data

Towns at the Beginning and End of the Trail: Archidona - Villanueva del Rosario
Trail Type: It goes across the area.
Start / End: Ochavada Square (Archidona) / Plaza de Andalucía (square in Villanueva del Rosario)
Distance (m): 32,809
Trail Conditions: Good
Surface Type:
- Path: 4,560 m (13.90%)
- Dirt track: 22,971 m (70.01%)
- Asphalt road: 5,278 m (16.09%)
Minimum and Maximum Altitude (m):  596 - 819
Net Elevation (m): 223
Cumulative Elevation Gain (m): 670
Cumulative Elevation Loss (m): 660
Springs and Fountains: Las Carboneras
Landmarks: Marín Stream Ravine (Hoz del arroyo Marí), Canterones, La Saucedilla, El Brosque, Cortijo Platero, Las Carboneras.
Recommended Season for the Visit: Throughout the year.
Protected Areas along the Way: None
Signs: Not Signposted.

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