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Mountain Bike Trail (MB) to Los Caños and Gibalto (Villanueva del Trabuco)

Diputación de Málaga

Mountain Bike Trail (MB) to Los Caños and Gibalto (Villanueva del Trabuco)

Villanueva del Trabuco has a great natural heritage which consists of magnificent nature sites that surround the village. Chalky mountains and hills in the south and east of the village contain numerous features of geological interest that were created thanks to the karst processes that consisted of slow but steady dissolution of soluble rocks performed by water. This water is one of the most important resources of Villanueva del Trabuco, and it supplies the Guadalhorce River, which goes through the village, as well as One Hundred Spouts natural monument.


Main Data

Town at the Beginning of the Trail: Villanueva del Trabuco
Trail Type: Local
Start / End: Plaza del Prado (square).
Distance (m): 24,000
Trail Conditions: Good
Surface Type:
- Dirt track: 18,392 m (76.68%)
- Asphalt road: 5,594 m (23.32%)
Minimum and Maximum Altitude (m): 690 - 968
Net Elevation (m): 278
Cumulative Elevation Gain (m): 710
Cumulative Elevation Loss (m): 710
Springs and Fountains: One Hundred Spouts Natural Monument (Fuente de los 101 Caños).
Landmarks: Cortijo Borreguero (farmhouse), the Source of the Pita,  the Source of the Chocilla, Chozas Breves, One Hundred Spouts Natural Monument (Fuente de los 100 Caños), the Guadalhorce River, Gibalto Viewpoint, Cortijo de la Nava (farmhouse).
Recommended Season for the Visit: Throughout the year.
Protected Areas along the Way: Camarolos Mountains (Site of Cultural Interest), One Hundred Spouts Natural Monument.
Signs: Yes.

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