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Mountain Bike Trail (MB) around Villages and Farmsteads in Cuevas Bajas

Diputación de Málaga

Mountain Bike Trail (MB) around Villages and Farmsteads in Cuevas Bajas

The town of Cuevas Bajas has its origins in the creation Moheda and Cedrón villages during the the Reconquest of Spain by the Christian Kings in the Middle Ages. This was done in order to inhabit this empty area and use it for farming. This route will also take you to many of the nature sites where some of the most famous Andalusian bandits found shelter in the 19th century. Due to the Outlaws, such as El Tempranillo, Cuevas Bajas was named the 'Cave of the Bandits'.


Main Data

Town at the Beginning of the Trail: Cuevas Bajas
Trail Type: Local
Start / End: Plaza de la Iglesia (square at the church).
Distance (m): 23,100
Trail Conditions: Good
Surface Type:
- Dirt track: 16,975 m (73.57%)
- Asphalt road: 6,097 m (26,43%)
Minimum and Maximum Altitude (m):  316 - 760
Net Elevation (m): 444
Cumulative Elevation Gain (m): 720
Cumulative Elevation Loss (m): 720
Springs and Fountains: La Atalaya, La Moheda.
Landmarks: Pajariego Farmhouse, the Burriana Stream, La Atalaya, Los Patos Bridge, La Loma Farmhouse, La Moheda, El Cedrón.
Recommended Season for the Visit: Throughout the year.
Protected Areas along the Way: None
Signs: Not Signposted.

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