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Climbing routes in Archidona

Diputación de Málaga

Climbing routes in Archidona

In this village, the climbing areas are close to la Sierra de Archidona and nearby to la Cueva de las Granjas. The hollow space and the limestone placed behind the elevation, in the site called Puerta de la Hoya, is where we can find climbing routes which are perfect for people who are enthusiastic for this sport.

Every access to get to the top of Las Grajas starts in the windmill Don Juan and at the same time from the public swimming pool. Following the route from la Puerta de la Hoya, you get to Cueva de las Grajas through the path with the same name, which surrounds the massif mountain range. At the same time, the route from Puerta de la Hoya is also usefull as an access to the back of the cave and other climbing areas.

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Puerta de la Hoya, Zip Code 29300