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Climbing routes in Villanueva del Rosario

Diputación de Málaga

Climbing routes in Villanueva del Rosario

Between spectacular mountain chains, Villanueva del Rosario is a great location for mountains risk sports. This village offers a big amount of different climbing places located at 10 minutes from the city centre.
In its limestone creations we can find a big amount of shelters, caves, cliffs; work sites with plaques of 300m, from different degrees and types of climbing (block, classic, artificial and sportive); fall downs,  long spouts, ceilings and difficult paths. With no doubt it´s one of the most important climbing areas in Andalusia.

The climbing activities from Villanueva del Rosario caused a big worldwide impact when the people got to know “the most difficult climbing track of the world”. Chilam Balam (9+), which has impressive characteristics. Its named after an Aztec village, found in pre colombian times, which it´s history and past inspired Bernabe Fernandez, a climber from Malaga to name the natural route from worldwide climbing ¡82 meters of longitude!. It´s a international World Wide reference visited by important climbers, who go there searching for unique experiences.

At the same time, and having the knowledge of the importance of this mountain chain, climbers from the Province and Region started to kit out the climbing tracks, and making different tracks with different levels and types. We can outstand grey and orange walls from Tajo de Madera, placed in the well known Hondonero meadow, as well as the huge chorreras de colores (coloured waterfalls) from de Vibora´s cave, where you can also find the path called Chilam Balam.

For a reasonable use of this resource and at the same time to avoid massive advertising of this kind of sport, the City Council of Villanueva del Rosario invites all the interested climbers in gaining more information, to contact the association of mountain Chamizo, using this email and telephone number, 6761092398. This association is in charge teaching these activities to interested people from the village.

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