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Montejaque Via Ferrata. Serrania de Ronda

Diputación de Málaga

Montejaque Via Ferrata. Serrania de Ronda

El Hacho Via Ferrata is considered as very difficult due to two tough overhands and, especially, to a spectacular zip-line stretched over 70 metres which links the two walls. It is not recommended to amateurs and it requires technical equipment to tackle the zip-line.


You can access from the car park located in cemetery of Montejaque, at the end of the town towards Benaoján. You will need to walk up along the cobbled path which leads to the chapel Ermita de la Escarihuela. Once you have arrived at the chapel, you will leave the main path and turn right looking among the rocks for another path. This new path will take you to a separation in the rock walls and after an abrupt descent, you will arrive at the beginning of the Iron Way.

The return will be along the marked path on the left side towards a plain where then you will need to walk around, on the left side again, and fi nally you will arrive at the chapel and at the car park.

Main Data

Town: Montejaque.
Nearest place: Atajate.
Coordinates (UTM):  X: 299702; Y: 4068000.
Difficulty: K3 Difficult.
Length of the route: 258 m.
Elevation: 178 metros.
Estimated Return time: 3 hours from the car park.


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