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Sierra de San Jorge Via Ferrata, Villanueva del Trabuco. Nororma

Diputación de Málaga

Sierra de San Jorge Via Ferrata, Villanueva del Trabuco. Nororma

On this trail you need to rope yourself as there are no cables. Your rock climbing gear must include a dynamic rope, and at least eleven quickdraws. There is also to have the necessary gear for fastening the person who fixes the rope.  

There are four long stretches along the trail, which is not rather difficult, except from some vertical walkways and overhangs. It is rather high, but you can enjoy fresh air and wonderful views.


The trail is between the sections of the Tello Cliff and Meseta (Plateau) Cliff, and it is also called Mella.
From Villanueva del Trabuco go along Borreguero Way up to the forest track which goes around the Sierra Gorda up to the Tree Park. There are two bends on the way up. At the second one, you will see a widening on the left, where you can leave your car. You can also continue your way and park next to a hut at the crossroad next to the Tree Park. This site is a little further from the start but it is rather convenient for a return trip.

Main data

Town: Villanueva del Trabuco
Nearest place: Villanueva del Trabuco
Location (UTM coordinates):  X: 385266; Y: 4097236.
Difficulty: Difficult K4
Length of the route: 132 m
Elevation: 100 m
Overhangs: 2
Tibetan bridge: 0
Hanging bridge: 0
Zip-line: 0
Total estimated time: Return trip from the car park -3 hours and 15 minutes.
Estimated access time from the car park: 15 minutes
Estimated time of the route: 2 hours and a half
Estimated time needed to go back to the car park: 30 minutes



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Zip Code 13007