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Eucalyptus botanical garden at Colmenar, Cortes de la Frontera

Diputación de Málaga

Eucalyptus botanical garden at Colmenar, Cortes de la Frontera

Within the framework of The Serranîa de Ronda Tourist Product Simulation Plan, the sum of € 85,559. 98 was used for funding the adaptation of this unique space so it would serve educational, tourist or sport purposes. For this reason, the area was changed into a leisure zone, and street furniture, displays and signs that are necessary for identifying species along the six properly bordered routes were set up.

This action was based on a study made by the University of Huelva in June 2007.

Colmenar has an exceptional forest with 71 varieties of eucalyptus, which has a big recreational and educational potential. The indicated eucalyptus planting initiative, which started in the middle of the 20th century, is very significant, considering that this is the most important eucalyptus arboretum in Europe and a good botanical and educational resource for the area

Recreation Area