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Parajes de Alpandeire

Diputación de Málaga

Parajes de Alpandeire

There is a lot of evidence that indicates quite clearly the presence of an underground river. When it rains heavily for more than a couple of days in the area large bursts of water, known as “Alfaguaras”, spurt out of the ground. This happens in the Southeast of the village about 200metres away from the houses.

However, the spot where this phenomenon of a improvised river is most noteworthy is about one kilometre from the village. At this spot the water falls over 50 metres and forms a beautiful waterfall known as El Chorreon. This spectacle can only be seen after a heavy rainfall as the spring water dries up as soon as it stops raining.

However, in the streets of the village there are always other smaller gushes of water that swell up in direct proportion to the rainfall. The first of these springs is called “Hedionda”, while another higher up is known as "Alfaguarillas del nudo" and even higher up still is one named "Alfaguaras de las casas grandes".

Other nature spots worth visiting are the Tajo del Castillejo, a large gorge full of caves; la Cima de Parrado, 100 metres deep and los Riscos y Cumbres de Jarastepar.

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