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Spanish Fir of Las Escaleteras (the Stairs or the Steps), Parauta (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Spanish Fir of Las Escaleteras (the Stairs or the Steps), Parauta (Unique Site)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: January.

According to the legend this Spanish fir, the Pinsapo de las Escaleretas, grew as “a lighthouse and guide to travellers”, on the same place of the burial site of a local lady whose kindness and hospitality with the passer-by was revered among those who knew her. Be it true or not, when sitting below its branches our bodies will ask for quietness, shrunken by the magnificence of its

The Spanish fir of the Steps, Natural Monument in all its right, is found in the Sierra de las Nieves and takes its name from the limestone slabs of the are that look like steps. It could tell stories from 500 years ago and let us know that its genetic is 20 million years old.

What we do see is a splendid tree, strangely shaped, nearly 30 metres tall and with a 200 square metres of a crown which looms over is with great authority.


  • Access to the Natural Park: 312377/ 4059297
  • Parking: 317939 / 4060095
  • Spanish Fir of Las Escaleteras:  318265 / 4059771


More info

This Spanish Fir in Parauta, in the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park, and from the family of firs, has become a long-lived witness of the last centuries. It is named after the shape of its access - stone panels that resemble stairs. Excellent weather conditions in the Serranía de Ronda, frequent rains, as well as many northward shaded slopes, have always allowed the growth of this Spanish fir on this peculiar territory of Málaga. No doubt, this is an exclusive species and a real botanic jewel.

The most beautiful and the widest Spanish firs can be found in the Sierra de las Nieves. Nevertheless, the Fir of las Escaleteras attracts everybody’s attention, above all, because of its dimensions. Its height is between 20 and 30 metres and it is equal to a five floors building; the width of its trunk is about five metres, that is to say that three people would be necessary to hug it, and its spectacular top is more than 200 metres square. Therefore, it is catalogued as unique and distinctive.

It is thought that it is about 350 or 550 years old, so it had already existed when Chrisians conquered this land and during the activities of the bandits from these mountains.

This specimen went through many ups and downs. It could have been cut and used for carbon, it could have been affected by some plague or fire or arson. Nevertheless, there it is today, healthy and able to continue being witness of our history.

The most common access to this area is from the west of the Sierra de las Nieves, along the road that connects Ronda with San Pedro de Alcántara, and then along the trail that leads to the area of gall oak forest between Istán and Tolox. Few kilometres away from that spot, the way to this outstanding tree is indicated.

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