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Dunes of Artola and Torre de Los Ladrones (Thieves Tower), Marbella (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Dunes of Artola and Torre de Los Ladrones (Thieves Tower), Marbella (Unique Site)

Unique Corners
Dunas de Artola y Torre de Los Ladrones, Marbella (Rincón Singular).2 360º
Dunas de Artola y Torre de Los Ladrones, Marbella (Rincón Singular).3 360º
Dunas de Artola y Torre de Los Ladrones, Marbella (Rincón Singular).4 360º
Dunas de Artola y Torre de Los Ladrones, Marbella (Rincón Singular).5 360º
DUNAS DE ARTOLADunas de Artola y Torre de Los Ladrones, Marbella (Rincón Singular).1 360º


Recommended month to visit it: September.

In Cabopino, the part of Marbella bordering Mijas, the dominant winds of the Northeast and the coastal currents have always provided great quantities of sand to its beaches, creating a labyrinth of dunes of which today hold the Dunas de Artola Natural Monument as testimony.

Near the sands one can see a defensive tower, the Torre de los Ladrones, also declared heritage of cultural interest. Supposedly of Roman origin, it has been rebuilt and transformed afterwards by Muslims and Christians. The name, which was not known until the end of the 15th century, must refer to the protective corbels and machiolations, still called “ladroneras”.

Dunes and tower, uncommon elements in our Mediterranean coasts, meld in Cabopino with singular harmony and beauty.


  • Dunes of Artola  and Torre de Los Ladrones (Thieves Tower):  343699 / 4039262


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One of the most extraordinary natural beauties of Marbella, so famous for its glamour and jet-set, can be find among exclusive and beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water in the area of Cabopino, at the border with Mijas.

Famous for its luxurious and expensive tourism and known as the jewel of Southern Spain – Marbella is also home to hidden places such as Artola Dunes and its famous tower Torre de los Ladrones. This Heritage of Cultural Interest is made over the square base and, as we know today, comes from the Roman period.

The dunes were made by the northeast wind. Coastal draughts brought piles of sand that created more than 20 kilometres long chain of protuberances. There are three types of dunes on this peculiar territory. In one group are ‘dunes on the beach’, another group are ‘mobile dunes’ which involve certain movement and are covered in plants, and we have so-called ‘still fossils’ in a wide pine forest, which suffer less changes. These dunes shelter the only nudist beach of the zone.

This spot offers an uncommon natural beauty display, which is far away from the urban coastal zone. The Tower de los Ladrones is a kind of a watchtower placed at Artola Dunes beside Cabopino Port.  It is named ‘de Ladrones’ (Thieves Tower) because of its defense fortifications called ‘ladroneras’, and was one of the protection towers on Andalusian coastline.

The beach of Artola Dunes, which is a protected area with gentle waves on a superbly arranged coast, connects sand and vegetation as the part of delightful scenery. On the way down to the beach you will find many deck chairs to enjoy the peace far away from the port and beach restaurants.

Grey sand and clear shallow water complete this joyful scenery of dunes and pine woods, creating rustic atmosphere on a wild beach for nudists. Nevertheless, here on the Dunes, you can find many other places adapted to other tastes and tourist profiles.