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Air Born

Diputación de Málaga

Air Born

The sensation of flying with an experienced pilot on a tandem paraglide is unforgettable!

We are an Adventure Tourism Enterprise and Official Paragliding School in Málaga.

We offer paragliding tandem flights and paragliding Courses.

We fly in different areas:
• Teba (Malaga), where with a birds-eye view, you will see the Guadalhorce Valley, the Guadalteba Reservoir (nexus to the famous “Caminito del Rey”, Ardales and the Huma Mountain.
• Casarabonela (Malaga). You will take off from 900 meters high, next to Sierra de las Nieves Mountain (Natural Park).
• Loja (Grenade)

Tandem paragliding is a way out for everyone who wants to experience flying without having to go through the long learning process. It is simple; you fly along with an expert pilot.

Paragliding tandem flights are suitable for people of all ages; from small children to the more senior.

Our Paragliding School is located at Teba, southern Spain, unlike anywhere else in Europe, you can learn all the skills to safely paraglide in one or two weeks, meanwhile in other countries, it can take months to acquire all the skills to qualify for your pilot’s license. Contact us!

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