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Artola Dunes (Natural Monument in the Province)

Diputación de Málaga

Artola Dunes (Natural Monument in the Province)

These dunes are part of completely transformed and developed surroundings on the Costa del Sol. They were declared Natural Monument in 2001 by the regional government. They cover an area of 192,715 m². This is a small sample of what once was the Mediterranean coast in Andalusia.

The plants are adapted to sunny, dry and rather windy weather. The most common species are the sea holly or seaside eryngo, the sea daffodil and bushes such as Juniperus phoenicea var. turbinata (Guss.).


Natural Monuments: Meaning

Natural Monuments are places or parts of nature which are considered to be significantly unique, rare or beautiful, and therefore are to be protected.

Natural monuments can also be geological formations, palaeontological sites and other geological structures that are of special interest for science, culture or landscape. They can be geological, biotic, geographical, eco-cultural and mixed according to the criteria presented in Article 4 of the Government Decree 225/1999 with regulations regarding the arrangement and management of each of them.

The Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia has authority to establish certain spot or part of nature as a Natural Monument.

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Rules - Decreto 250/2003, 9 sept., Junta de Andalucía