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Charco de Moclón. Río Genal. Júzcar

Diputación de Málaga

Charco de Moclón. Río Genal. Júzcar

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Genal
  • Municipality: Júzcar
  • Coordinates: x: 305653 / y: 4053750 / z: 436 m
  • Location: easy
  • Access: convenient
  • Swimming Potential: high.


How to get there

1.5 km from Júzcar, a village of the upper Genal, in the direction of Faraján, turn left after a sharp bend onto a dirt track that leads downhill to the river Genal. There is a sign at the junction indicating the “Fábrica de Hojalata” (tin factory) and the bathing areas. It is a steep descent and, after about 3.5 km, you will reach the Moclón bridge and Vega Larga, where in the summer, beneath the poplar trees, a bar and camp-site called Camping Virgen de Moclón opens to the public. Park where the track is wide enough.


Interesting Facts

The pool is made every year by blocking the holes in the bridge over the river Genal with plastic. It is a decent size and becomes narrower at the tail until it disappears behind the riparian forest. The most intrepid swimmers go upriver to the place where it meets the river de las Zúas, a tributary of the Genal which flows through a narrow canyon towards the end, with three beautiful and powerful waterfalls. Along the way, apart from passing by the so-called Charco de los Enamorados, which is small, and the irrigation dam pool known as Charca Verde, you will see the remains of a tin factory built under King Philip V’s reign.


Please Note

This is one of the coldest pools in the Genal Valley, so it is a good idea to splash some water over your arms and legs before plunging into the water. The best place to sit is on the paved area next to the bridge or behind the camp-site's fence, where you can be if you stay the night or eat or drink in the bar-restaurant. The water is not too deep to stand in. An adventure tour company has installed a climbing wall and a zip line that crosses the pool. Beware that the sheet of water over the bridge makes it very slippery.

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