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Charco Azul. Río Almárchar. Jubrique

Diputación de Málaga

Charco Azul. Río Almárchar. Jubrique

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main watercourse: Río Almárchar
  • Municipality: Jubrique
  • Coordinates: x: 303588 / y: 4045614 / z: 471 m
  • Location: easy
  • Access: convenient
  • Swimming Potential: medium.


How to Get There

Although located in the municipal district of Jubrique, access is easier from the neighbouring village of Genalguacil by taking the road that leads up to Peñas Blancas (MA-8304) in the direction of Estepona. After 7 km, cross the river Almárchar and 1.1 km further up, after negotiating four sharp bends, turn left down a forest track in rather poor condition. There are still 1.4 km to go before reaching the ford of the Arroyo del Quejigo stream, where there is space to park. The idyllic Charco Azul is just a few metres upstream.


Interesting Facts

The Quejigo stream is a tributary of the Estercal stream, which, in turn, after joining the Algarrobo ravine, gives rise to the river Almárchar, one of the main tributaries of the river Genal.

Interestingly, although the water appears to be dark green in colour, it is called the blue pool because of the heavenly surroundings, and it is no wonder, as the water trickles down two small waterfalls into a rounded pool. If you climb a kilometre up the stream, surrounded by a vast forest of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), you will reach the Charco Encantado, recognizable by its waterfall and the enormous pine tree trunk lying through the middle of it.  The Charco de María Teodora lies further upstream, where water falls down a completely vertical and smooth slab of rock into a square-shaped pool.


Please Note

Walk carefully over the peridotite rocks as they crack and crumble easily. Please be careful with jumping, since the water is so crystal-clear that pools may appear deeper than they really are. There are very few places where the water is deep. Climbing up the cracked wall where the water trickles down is not advisable, as the algae is very slippery. The banks surrounding the pool are stony and uneven, but you can sit under the shade of the oleanders. This place is visited by locals and tourists. We therefore recommend going early and on weekdays.

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