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Botanical Park Orquidario

Diputación de Málaga

Botanical Park Orquidario

Estepona Orchidarium building, which is divided into two levels that are at different levels and separated by a beautiful forest of bamboo, has an area of ??1,000 square meters and 15,000 cubic meters of volume. Visitors can enjoy visual attractions such as a lake, a waterfall of over 15 meters and three glass domes, the highest of which rises about 30 meters high, offering a stunning image view from inside.

Among the more than 5,000 plants containing more than 1,300 species of orchids from around the world, but basically the habitat of species warm South American and Southeast Asia is recreated. It represents the largest European collection and one of the largest in the world. The site also has more than 200 square meters of vertical gardens. Specific, They have been implemented on a wall 12 meters, and plants are over five different heights, so that the various species will climbing wall and drawings form naturally as time goes.

Botanical Park also offers visitors the chance to meet a number of other species of great botanical interest among which: the "Cananga odorata", better known as Ylan Ylan, a very famous flower among perfumers high cosmetics; the "Bixa Orellana", originally from Peru and widely used in the cosmetics industry plant because its fruit pigments are extracted for the production of lipsticks; vanilla, a product widely used in culinary level and it actually is a climbing orchid; or "Cirtostachis Renda" known as the "palm Lacquer" and characterized by their stems red.

The botanical garden and the orchid house, with its three glass domes, have become the hallmarks of an innovative structure that has completely changed the physiognomy of the town, being an important tourist attraction. In addition to a singular work, this new botanical space aspires to become an international benchmark for plant lovers and architecture.

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